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Why Seaport?

Since starting Seaport Sports and Physiotherapy, some people have asked me ‘why here?’ and ‘why go out on your own?’. I’ve always believed that the approach of the physiotherapist rubs off on the client - if you’re wound up, tense, ‘high-energy’, some of these attributes get transferred to them.

More often than not, people are coming to me because they are in pain, prevented from participating in activities they love, or unable to work in their normal job. This causes stress and tension in addition to the injury at hand.

I chose the location at Seaport because I felt that feeling relaxed and comfortable was a key part of the whole physiotherapy experience. I feel more relaxed coming to work here every day, and hope that rubs off on my clients. In the same fashion, the choice to work for myself allows me to get back to ‘honing my craft’ again - expect to have time for a chat and a full, detailed assessment of your problem.

It’s a beautiful location. A wise mentor of mine once told me of the ‘seven natural doctors’ - air, water, sunshine, laughter, sleep, exercise and diet. You can find most of these here (although I am disappointed to say coffee is not on this list).

I hope to help many of you reading this to get back to doing the important things in your lives.

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