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Welcoming 2022 - new faces, changes

Today we are approaching the first anniversary of opening Seaport Sports and Physiotherapy. From a quiet start with Ross all alone consulting out of a single room, the clinic has blossomed and grown. Friendly podiatrists Fi and Sinead opening their practice at the rooms in May, and Joe and Annabel returned from interstate to join Ross in October. Quite literally 'getting the gang back together'. Now, we have 5 consulting rooms ticking along giving the best care we have to offer.

Fortunately we got everyone settled in before Covid finally arrived in Tasmania. It's a challenging time for a lot of people, in healthcare and elsewhere, but we are still going about our business. You'll see some minor but sensible precautions in place, just because our faces are behind masks doesn't mean we aren't smiling!

This blog (aiming to be more regular this year!) will become an ever increasing source of information about a lot of common questions and problems we encounter. From ACL injuries and ankle sprains to vertigo and chronic pain management, keep any eye out here, we'll be posting some little clinical nuggets, video features, and other thoughts from time to time.

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