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"Evidence Based Practice" and Shared Decision Making

When you come to see a physiotherapist we have a responsibility to you, the client, to present you with what we believe offers the best chance of success.

The physiotherapy profession (and other health professions) are constantly generating research to back up the assessment, therapy and rehabilitation techniques that we use. Some research is better in terms of quality AND quantity than others. Some conditions have bucketloads of research (such as knee and hip arthritis, and low back pain), and some, unfortunately have far less.

Our job then is to be aware of the most useful and up to date research around a variety of conditions. It means if we have treatment options that we know work, we should be offering them to you in an informed manner.

Patient choice is still the foundation of our practice - if you know something works for you let us know! Decision making is a SHARED process. At the same time, if a course of action will likely cause your condition to worsen or stagnate, it’s our duty to tell you (“No, not a great idea to sprint with a torn hamstring, yes that stress fracture needs non weight-bearing time”).

It DOESN’T mean that because there isn’t much research on a particular topic that we are unable to manage it. There is still a bit of ‘art’ left in the profession. We still can reason our way to what is likely to be the best course of action.

Come see us to learn, but remember you always have choice.

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